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Posted : October 10, 2018

A new corporate image for Imprimerie Ste-Julie

On October 24th, 2017, after a long period of analysis, Marilène and Caroline Fournier, owners of Imprimerie Ste-Julie, revealed the new colors of the enterprise. As of now, Imprimerie Ste-Julie’s signature will be presented as Printer of emotions, with a new logo and a brand new Web site. The Orfé Branding Design & Communications Agency was mandated to design a new image for the family business. Imprimerie Ste-Julie was founded in 1975, and the current owners took it over in 2012. Six years later, they felt it was time for Imprimerie Ste-Julie’s image to become more mature. « We are women in a men’s industry, and we wanted that to be acknowledged through our image and interactions. Our way of thinking, printing and working is different. We wanted to get some distance from the traditional image, one that is primarily focused on technology, machines and equipment. Of course, we also have a strong interest for all of that, but, I our mind, technology is just a tool that allows us to give life to our ideas and the ideas of our clients. We are, more than anything else, a creative team. We create new designs, as well as solutions that lead to exceptional products » explains Marilène Fournier, production vice-president. For the owners, this new image had to show the daily work of all the employees of Imprimerie Ste-Julie. Each day, we walk hand in hand with our clients towards their success by facilitating the conversation taking place between them and their own clients on the shelves, in all the points of sale. This conversation starts with the packaging, which carries the brand’s emotion. As the number of brands available increases, each brand is allowed fewer seconds to attract the eye of the consumer before a competitor does. « That’s what we do! We print what brand truly are, with labels that spark emotions that the consumer needs to be interested in buying a product. Our employees share their expertise, and use creativity and passion every day for our clients. We are printer of emotions. » concludes Caroline Fournier, sales and administration vice-president.