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Posted : June 5, 2019

Imprimerie Ste-Julie awarded by the printing industry

Sainte-Julie, June 3rd, 2019 – Imprimerie Ste-Julie received two awards at the Gutenberg Gala held on May 30th, 2019, at the Bonsecours Market in Montreal. The company stood out in the eyes of several players in the printing industry in the Flexible Labels and Packaging categories.

A major challenge for prepress

The difficulty in the sparkling maple water shrink sleeve project was the creation of the file that would take into account the distortion that occurs when the sleeve is molded onto the container. Each circle forming the design had to be treated independently, taking into account the fact that it would be deformed, to create the perfect color gradient projecting a gradient of white and transparency. It’s a challenge that Imprimerie Ste-Julie’s prepress department has taken on with great success, bringing a lot of elegance to the fine Quebec product that La Coulée has created.

The flexible packaging was then printed on a Mark Andy P7 flexographic press. A black layer, a metallic PMS and two layers of white to ensure a good opacity were applied. In second pass of press, a matte varnish was applied to give a distinguished air to this precious elixir, while letting the metallic logo exalt.

The shrink sleeves were also installed by the Imprimerie Ste-Julie team, offering a turnkey project to La Coulée.

The enhancement process takes all its meaning

L'étiquette du Domaine Pelchat-Lemaître-Auger a été créé grâce à plusieurs procédés d'ennoblissement.

Whether in the choice of paper or in the complexity of achieving the stamping creating the ring, there were numerous challenges inherent to the importance of highlighting the work of the renowned watercolorist Aurore De la Morinerie on bottles of wine. Ste-Julie’s printing artists made every effort to ennoble the bottles of La Promise signed by the Domaine Pelchat-Lemaître-Auger. The result projects all the romantics that the owners of the vineyard wanted.

The specific pink was first harmonized in four-color process. The printing artists then added two stampings and a PMS to create the ring in three colors. The seal of authenticity was printed in register before being embossed and finalized with an ultra-glaze varnish.

The realization of this label required three passes on the Galaxie finishing press.

Imprimerie Ste-Julie, Emotion Printer, proves once again to be the partner of choice for its clients to carry out printing projects that will invariably attract the attention of consumers once the products arrive on the market. These trophies awarded by the industry are respectively the sixth and seventh Gutenberg won the company over a period of six years.