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We serve an all new value to our clients' products.

The alcoholic beverage market is one of those where creativity is most needed. Imprimerie Ste-Julie understands your reality and your vital need to stand out among competition on a shelf. Whether you produce beer, wine, cider, liquor or other types of alcoholic products, Imprimerie Ste-Julie is the creator and designer of the perfect packaging that will trigger the consumers’ desire to buy.

Each year, we attend several exhibition shows around the world in order to discover the newest printing processes that allow us to bring more added value to our clients’ products.

Labels for alcoholic beverages

The equipment that we use make it possible to produce out of the ordinary labels for your alcoholic beverages. The enhancement that we do during the production process will surely define a unique look for your bottles or cans.

It is also possible to add hot stamping, embossing, or varnish to the process. You can even ask us to use colors that will react to black light or to ambient temperature. Labels for alcoholic beverages can be printed on various materials that will meet your expectations, but also that will meet the washing and recycling requirements that you have to consider.

Your alcohol labels have to be pieces of art if you want them to be noticed. We constantly redefine and reinvent our work methods, and the numerous prices and nominations obtained over the past years at the Gala Gutenberg in the Labels categories are proof that we truly master our art.

(Roméo Gin, La Buteuse, Pur Vodka, Gin du Saint-Laurent, Amernoir.)

Shrink sleeves for alcoholic beverages

The production of shrink sleeves for alcoholic beverages can be achieved in small or large quantities at Imprimerie Ste-Julie. This type of packaging makes it possible to create a design that uses the shape of the bottle, which is great for producing a label that will help a product stand out from the others. The sleeve is composed of a plastic film that is heated until it perfectly molds around the container.

The sleeves are a sensible and economical solution for microbreweries that are looking to produce and sell special brews in cans. Sleeves are an alternative to screen printing on cans, and are tolerated by Recyc Quebec in regards to recycling of aluminum.

The shrink sleeve at Imprimerie Ste-Julie allows you to completely rethink your graphic designs by transposing them into a three-dimensional universe. The shape of the bottle or container can then be used to evoke something else entirely.

In addition to helping you with the design, Imprimerie Ste-Julie is equipped to take care of the installation of shrink sleeves on full or empty containers in a controlled environment that meets high requirements in terms of health and safety. It is also possible to purchase 355ml or 473ml cans directly from us.


We’ve been working with Imprimerie Ste-Julie for several years in order to create the packaging of our flagship products, Pur Vodka and romeo’s gin. The quality of the materials, the proximity of the producer and the availability and continuous support of their team make IPMSJ a precious partner in the development of unique and strong visual identities !

– Pur Vodka et romeo’s gin team

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