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Prints adapted to your needs!

Imprimerie Ste-Julie understands the challenges its customers have to face in the industrial markets. Our consultants will direct you to the best solutions to create a packaging that perfectly meets your needs.

Industrial labels

Imprimerie Ste-Julie offers a wide range of materials to produce industrial labels. We will certainly find the one that better suits your needs, according to the daily specific conditions through which your products go.

We will assist you for the creation of new designs or the modification of your existing designs so you can safely meet all the appropriate standards specific to your industry regarding the display of dangerous goods identification symbols.

We also print labels that meet UL standards.

Shrink sleeves

Shrink sleeves are a form of packaging that requires no glue, but instead molds perfectly to the container on which it is placed.

Shrink sleeves are an excellent alternative to the traditional self-adhesive labels. They are even more resistant to abrasion and moisture and will help your containers stand out even more because of their 360° designs.

Imprimerie Ste-Julie will assist you in your shrink sleeve packaging project starting at the creation stage. We also do the installation of the sleeves on your containers in our steam or radiant tunnels.

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