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Highly secured, regulated and certified prints

Imprimerie Ste-Julie is aware of the challenges that pharmaceutical companies face on both national and international levels. We have GMI standard compliance for digital printing. We plan to comply for the flexography standard in the year 2019. In this market where color management is critical and in which traceability of production information is essential, Imprimerie Ste-Julie is the partner that will allow your company to grow in compliance with the standards with complete peace of mind.


The printing of pharmaceutical labels can be done in digital as well as in flexography. It is also possible to include sequential numbering on the front of the label or on the label support paper, according to your preference.

We offer a wide range of materials that will certainly meet your company’s needs, whatever they are. Our consultants are dedicated to guide you through all the choices offered at Imprimerie Ste-Julie.

Multilayer labels will allow you to secure all the necessary information on your small containers, by allowing you to print on more than one surface.

Shrink Sleeves

For pharmaceutical companies, shrink sleeves are most often used to seal containers. The sleeve can be designed to cover the entire container with a dotted perforation around the lid, or cover only the top of the container. We are also able to print sleeves for multiple packaging (duo-pack, twin pack, etc.).

Worried to see the sleeve glide down from a flat container? We can add just a touch of glue when installing the shrink sleeve to safely keep it in place.

In addition to printing your sleeves, Imprimerie Ste-Julie can take care of the installation in radiant or steam tunnel. Sleeves are installed in facilities designed to meet the highest health and safety standards.


The pouches that are produced at Imprimerie Ste-Julie are perfectly suited for drug samples that need to be packaged and delivered to patients.

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