Packaging and Linerless Labels

Packaging and Linerless Labels

Zero-waste Printing Technology

The Recyclable and Environmentally
Friendly Label Solution

Imprimerie Ste-Julie is proud to the first printing shop in Canada to offer its clients the new linerless technology by Ravenwood. Linerless labels do not require support paper (or backing paper). Instead, the roll of labels is a continuous self-adhesive strip that is cut by the printer itself.

Thanks to the elimination of the backing paper, linerless reduces waste, the cost of disposal, and above all, our collective carbon footprint. You can make the move too and get into linerless mode!

The Advantages of Linerless

  • 01 Recyclable Labels

    Avail yourself of recyclable labels to reduce waste and to give your packaging a second life.

  • 02 Significant Reduction in the Carbon Footprint

    Linerless by Ravenwood generates 50% less waste and uses 80% less glue and silicon.

  • 03 Two-sided Printing

    Maximize available space by opting for two-sided printing for your product packaging.

  • 04 40% More Labels Per Roll, which Means Fewer Work Stoppages for the Machine

    A single roll of linerless labels holds 40% more labels than a roll of the same diameter that has backing paper.

  • 05 Easier to Store Because the Roll Is Lighter and Less Cumbersome

    Linerless labels reduce your delivery and storage costs considerably!

  • 06 Zero defect upon application

    Take advantage of the zero-defect upon application warranty with the Nobac application system.

  • 07 No Disposal Costs

    With linerless (labels without backing paper) no more expenditure to dispose of the backing paper that comes with traditional labels!

  • 08 No Waste after Use

    Switch to environmentally friendly labels and say goodbye to needless waste!

An Eco-responsible Solution

Did you know that linerless labels used along with Ravenwood Packaging’s technology generates 50% less waste than traditional labels?
What’s more, our linerless process uses 80% less glue and silicon. Goodbye to needless waste!

Uses of Linerless

Linerless can be adapted to various industries and product packaging formats: fish, meats, fruits and vegetables pastries, ready-to-eat.
Top & side
Top & 2 sides
C - Wrap
D - Wrap
Full wrap
Skin pack full wrap
Skin pack full wrap protruding up to 25mm above height of tray
Skin pack full wrap protruding up to 30mm above height of tray
Skin pack full wrap protruding up to 70mm above height of tray
Skin pack full wrap protruding from 50mm up to 100mm above height of tray
Landscape fruit pack
Landscape narrow fruit pack
Salami full wrap
Landscape ready meal
Enveloppe pack
Top Quality

Linerless Labels

With its higher level of environmentally friendly standards, linerless technology by Ravenwood is even more performant than traditional linerless.
  • Cuisine Centrale Prêt-à-Manger
  • Olymel

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