Boost your immune system with SURO

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Boost your immune system with SURO

You have probably heard of elderberry before! Elderberry is a small berry that grows in clusters as do grapes. Originally from North America, it is found particularly on the East coast, as well as in Europe. Elderberry has been a medicinal tradition for years, not only in Europe, but also among Native Americans in Canada.

Elderberry contains 2 to 3 times more antioxidants than blueberries and cranberries. It has been used from generation to generation in traditional herbal medicine for its leaf, root, flower, as well as for its fruit. The elderberry is known for its virtues and its antiviral properties to fight the flu or the common cold. Several studies show that flu symptoms decrease more quickly in people who were in a group who took elderberry. We can see that there is some seriousness behind this tradition and that it is not just an old-time home remedy.



For more than 14 years, SURO has been concerned with the well-being of its customers by offering quality organic products. This nice Quebec enterprise, SURO, produces a variety of products to counter the effects of colds and the flu. Their products are made from organic elderberries grown in Canada. The other ingredients are also organically grown in Canada.


Here are our team’s musts to boost your immune system:

– Organic elderberry syrup: Fights colds, relieves cough and sore throat

– Syrup for children (alcohol-free): Fights colds, relieves cough and sore throat

– Elderberry extract: Fights colds

– Elderflower extract: Fights fever

– Organic elderberry concentrate 5: 1: Fights colds, relieves cough and sore throat


SURO products can be taken preventively or as complementary products as soon as symptoms appear.