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Reproduction of a fine line drawing in metallic effect: challenge raised!

Bring life to a design that featured lots of black and metallic gold details…that is the challenge that the BW Broadway Pub Microbrewery set for us for its 10th anniversary. In order to be able to make that many details stand out clearly, we had to completely rethink the printing process.

We started by printing all the black elements by flexography. Then, we applied a matte varnish on the entire surface of the label. The golden elements were added by hot stamping. It would have been impossible to reproduce the fine line drawing in the number 10 area using stamping. While this is a process that can be used to enhance a wide range of products, we still need to understand the subtleties and limits of this technique.

At this stage, the label was very nice, with its enormous 10th made of golden metallic ink. However, it still didn’t have the special unique look that BW Broadway Pub wanted it to have. They wanted to create a fine line drawing in the 10th that would sketch a scene that could evoke the inside of a 20th century tavern.

We used screen printing to apply this black drawing to the golden area. It was a real challenge to match the black screen printing color with the background black area with matte varnish.

To finalise the project, the label was cut with perfect precision!

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