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A whole new image for Le Bien, le Malt

One’s image is one’ sales engine.

This is even more relevant when, price to price, products seem equivalent. In Marsh of 2018, the microbrewery Le Bien, le Malt chose to work with our graphic design department in order to find a way for its products to stand out from others on the shelf and to create a unique brand look for its line.

At first, the owner only wanted to revisit the look of one of the beers produced at the microbrewery. He was looking for a brand signature that would be refined and pure, only in black and white. A few versions of deigns were presented to him, each highlighting his logo in a different way, with black printing on a white label or the other way around. It took a long time before the owner came back to us.

Later, he voiced his desire to go a little further in regards to details and marketing. He even wanted to work on the names of three of his beers. There began the general rethinking of the whole image of the microbrewery, with three products instead of one. At that point, we were able to use the names of the beers as a starting point for inspiration in order to create a new design for each label.

The Pugiliste, the Barbue and the Neigette were born. The graphic designers at Imprimerie Ste-Julie started creating labels from minimalist illustrations. Our team suggested two designs for each beer. The labels were still in black and white, but one color was selected for the name of each beer in order to make it easier for customers to locate them in the fridges at points of sale.

The owner of the microbrewery Le Bien, le Malt was enchanted with the final results: « I’m super happy with the results, and I’m looking forward to working with you for my next labels…», he told the graphic design department coordinator.

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