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Posted : April 20, 2021

Recycling of personal protective equipment (PPE)

Last fall, we started recycling our single-use masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) through a business partner. Recently, following our research, we signed with two new partners, Medsup and MultiRecycle, both located in Quebec and experts in the process of recycled items.

In February, we decided to use the recycling boxes of these two Quebec companies. Boxes were distributed among the various departments of the company, which allows us to recycle personal protective equipment very quickly on a daily basis!


By doing so, we became part of the Go Zero program of Medsup, whose head office is located in Magog, and which processes and transforms items in Magog and Alma. The recycled components are used to supply various companies in Quebec and Ontario, as well as the northeastern part of the United States, in order to manufacture new products.


Our other boxes are from MultiRecycle. Their head office is located in Lachine and the masks are sent to the Covanta transfer center located in Chambly. This company focuses on energy recovery. Incineration of the fiber creates steam, which is used to generate electricity, which can then be provided to third parties. The metal components of the masks are also recycled.


Despite the pandemic, and despite all the waste that masks and PPE create, we are still trying to reduce our ecological footprint, as best we can, with daily initiatives, big or small.

Join us in the project of reducing the waste caused by the pandemic! We are waiting for you!