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Posted : December 14, 2018

The owners of Imprimerie Ste-Julie sign The Pact

Caroline and Marilène Fournier commit to reduce Imprimerie Ste-Julie’s environmental footprint. They join their voice to thousands of people in Quebec as they sign The Pact for transition.

Many actions are taken daily, both by the enterprise and the employees.

  • Financing tree plantation through Carbone boréal in order to compensate for carbon dioxide emissions
  • Investing in research and development in order to offer more environmentally friendly materials (paper, glue, ink) in a close future
  • Reducing plastic packaging by not sealing rolls of labels individually, unless specifically requested by a client
  • Offering reusable water bottles and coffee mugs to new employees
  • Recycling polymer printing plates
  • Encouraging carpooling (adapting work schedules if necessary) and active transportation (installing bicycle racks)
  • Forming a sustainable development committee in charge of emitting recommendations regarding decision making in order to reduce our environmental footprint even more.
  • Encouraging all 105 employees to sign The Pact themselves and take concrete actions as well.


The owners of Imprimerie Ste-Julie are proud to commit to do everything in their power to reduce Imprimerie Ste-Julie’s negative impact on the environment and to do so at home as well.