Label Printing that Reflects Your Image

Label Printing that Reflects Your Image

Ça nous colle à la peau!

The Art Labeling,
in all Its Forms

For more than 45 years, Imprimerie Ste-Julie has been designing custom-made commercial labels for clients from various sectors: food, pharmaceutical, industrial, alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, and food supplements. Our team has also forged a solid reputation as printers of prestigious adhesive labels for wine, beer, and spirits.

Whatever your sphere of activity may be, at Imprimerie Ste-Julie, you’ll find all the know-how and meticulous attention to detail you’ll ever want when it comes to producing quality labels. We make embossed labels and non-embossed labels using thermochromic ink or inks and substrates that address the ever-growing need for environmentally friendly products.

Trust our self-adhesive label design and printing experts for remarkable results across the board!

The Advantages of Self-adhesive Labels

  • 01 Various modes of printing

    Flexographic, digital, or two-sided: anything is possible

  • 02 Option of printing in small or large quantities in several batches

    We adapt to you, whatever your label printing needs are!

  • 03 Numerous choices of materials

    We can print on various synthetic, transparent, and specialized materials.

  • 04 Possibility of specialized design

    Create that WOW effect with uniquely shaped, embossed, or stamped labels!

  • 05 The possibility of added value

    Add stamping, texture, glue, or varnish to your labels!

  • 06 Possibility of numbering and personalization

    Your labels need to be numbered or to have some other special feature? You can count on us!

  • 07 Numerous possible label shapes

    The cutting of labels, on a sheet or by laser, is our specialty!

  • 08 Finishing touches and detail work done according to your specifications and intended usage

    Our detailing options (back-front, wrap-around, etc.) are adaptable to any usage.

  • 09 Printing on bags

    We can handle the printing of custom-made, self-adhesive labels for your products that are packaged in bags.

The Types of Labels We Offer

  • Peel-off discount coupons
  • Thermochromic ink
  • Flexible packaging
  • Labels in booklets
  • Scratch off labels
  • Base-wrap banners

You can opt for self-adhesive labels in rolls or in sheets, whichever format you prefer.

We offer a range of detail work possibilities, discover them

right here!

You’ll Have Your Customers Wrapped around Your Finger With Our Plastic Film !

Ideal packaging for chewy bars and other individually wrapped food items, individual packets of hand cream or single-dose pills (unidose), flexible packaging using plastic film offers a thousand and one possibilities! These packets are perfect for food product, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, or food supplement samples.

Tell us what you need and obtain packaging that reflects your image!


No Room to Store Your Labels?

Entrust the safe storage of your labels to us!
Imprimerie Ste-Julie provides you the option of storing and retrieving your labels upon request.



That Turn Heads!

With every project, we invest the best of ourselves in order to evoke the intended emotions by means of various printing methods.
  • Distillery Vent du Nord
  • Ubald Distillerie
  • Alpha Tango
  • Distillery Mariana

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