Eco-responsible Technology and Products

Eco-responsible Technology and Products

Take Advantage of Our Eco-printing Solutions for Your Labels and Product Packaging.

at the Heart of Our Way of Doing Things

Based on analysis of the life cycle of our products, our eco-design approach allows us to always offer our clients the greenest options. We prioritize the use of renewable resources and the recycling of waste at every step of our product production.

From raw materials to fabrication, logistics, distribution, usage and lifespan of the product, everything is calculated to reduce its carbon footprint without compromising quality.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Linerless Labels

Ecologically responsible and recyclable, our Linerless products are a wise choice. In addition to generating up to 50% less waste, this type of label requires fewer stoppages during production. The result: each roll includes 40% more labels, which reduces shipping costs and storage space required.

Our linerless labels provide the option of two-sided printing to make the most of the printing surface. They come with a zero-defect guarantee upon application for impeccable quality. Find out more from our team about linerless label printing.

a Technique Geared
to Using Less Ink

Practical, eco-responsible, and innovative, eco-inking aims to reduce dependence on non-renewable resources that are found particularly in ink (mineral pigment, solvents, and other chemically produced substances).

The eco-inking process begins at the outset of the graphic conceptualization of a new printing job by, among other things, choosing the thinnest typography, inverting colors in order to have a white background, suppressing color backgrounds and selecting paler images. These eco-responsible actions reduce the amount of ink required when the final printing step is done.

To find out whether eco-inking is right for your project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Service Department. Our team would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about this printing technique and to give you any guidance you may need.

Good to Know

Eco-inking could make your product eligible for environmental certification awarded for eco-design. Contact us for more details!

Substrates and Digital Printing:
a pledge to eco-responsibility

Because print media play a key role in the reduction of our eco-footprint, we can propose a multitude of different types of paper and films for your project.

Whether it is synthetic paper, FSC or FSI certified natural paper, or even paper made from a blend of new fibers and a certain percentage of used fibers, you’ll find exactly what you are looking for.

We also have certified recyclable options, which contain no forest products, and feature compostable, food grade glue. Get in touch with us for more information and to obtain the spec sheet for our substrates.

and Safe Inks

Knowing the importance of the environment, our printing business opts for ink suppliers who are renowned on an international scale. These partnerships open the door to our accessing the latest in eco-responsible technical advances.

All of the inks that we use for your digital or flexographic printing projects meet the highest standards of eco-responsibility and safety. Let us advise you on the type of eco-responsible ink that is right for your project.

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