Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

More than a Feather in Our Cap, Sustainable Development Is a Central Pillar of Our Organizational Approach.

Our Commitment:
combine innovation
with eco-responsibility

We’re at the head of the class when it comes to innovation and eco-responsibility within the printing business. Our printing practices are in line with our sustainable development values and commitments.

From the establishment of a permanent Sustainable Development committee (SD) to the pursuit of eco-responsibility certification and of eco-responsible partners, right up to the development of greener printing products, we take doing our part in preserving the planet to heart.

We believe that it is by combining our efforts toward tangible eco- responsible actions that we will succeed in reducing our carbon footprint without compromising the quality of our final product.

“There cannot be viable development if it isn’t sustainable.”

Our Sustainable
Development Charter

With a view to sustainable development and carbon neutrality, our printing shop commits itself to always carry out its activities in an eco-responsible manner.

To succeed, we are focusing on the equilibrium between social justice, environmental conservation, and economic progress.

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